#iluvbball Friday Flowers Honors Goes out to Shots With patience New Signee!


Every Friday we will be featuring a player on the site as well as on our social media making player announcements, player commitments, or just new accomplishments.

For our First #iluvbballFridayFlowers Recipients we would like to offer our congratulations to Marvin Long More of Shots With Patience on his basketball commitment to play at Genessee CC under Coach George.



So much to say about the Draymond Green & Pat Bev of our team. I 1st met Marvin playing with Anton Berga and the Almighty Force Basketball Family. Coach Nitty with the blessings of Jaivon came over and merged with TU in various events. Marvin and I won numerous tourneys and Marvin was named All-Star or MVP in most. Marvin plays hard on every play and doesn’t take time off. We are extremely proud of Marvin, to lose his rock last year (mom), but he persevered and dedicated the rest of his life to making his mom proud. She is definitely watching this young man and I know is extremely proud! At Shots with Patience and Team Underrated, we are very happy for Marvin and wish him nothing but the best. Marvin

He can play 1-3 and defend all 5 positions, because of his football body and experience. What Marvin does well is get to the line because of his aggressiveness to attack the rim. You can post him up vs small guards, or forwards. Marvin is only 6’1 with a tremendous amount of Athleticism. Marvin is improving with his shooting and getting more confident at the free-throw line. He will be a great asset to the program and I see him being an All-Region player or better.  #tuboyz #almightyforce #committed #geneseecc #njcaa #freeeducation #academics #swpyear1 #iluvbballplayer2watch #iluvbballpromotion #iluvbballfridayflowers