What is is an interactive site where the fans can post pictures, videos, and events to bring awareness to our kids and our communities. It’s a premier showcase and recruiting tool for players and coaches who may not get the same amount of attention and coverage as others get from “mainstream” media’s coverage.

We invite you to Join Us at to communicate and collaborate. It is membership to our site that drives what we do and we need our membership to grow in order to keep this recruiting tool alive – so if you haven’t done so already, please go to and register — IT’S FREE! We strive to provide opportunities to showcase youth basketball of all levels to the viewing public – so enjoy the highlights and posts we share!

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Player / Event / Program Promotions

Our goal is to get the players exposure. That is our main mission. We achieve this goal by posting player profiles which include photos, evaluations, & videos to bring awareness to players that coaches are interested in. Getting them on the coaches radar which aides in their recruitment.

For the younger players we do the same, but we also educate them and help guide them through the common pitfalls that are involved in the long and arduous road ahead of them. Not only putting them on the radar of the travel, middle school, & in this day and age of digital recruitment landscape even college coaches. Giving your young athlete the needed advantage to get them started on the scouts and coaches radar.

Another popular service that we offer at iLuvBBall is our event promotion and media service. Through our rapidly growing media platforms and our daily visited site we can give your products, basketball related events, and basketball organization the views and exposure you’re looking for to attract consumers through Co-Branded events and sponsorship opportunities.

We also Offer coaches tryout promotions and in-house registration promotions.

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iLuvBBall Swag Shop

The iLuvBBall Swag Apparel line was inspired by the same thing that started the website—our Luv of basketball and the desire to provide fans a platform to express themselves. We wanted to give everyone a voice, so we founded iLuvBBall Apparel, the people’s brand. It’s comfortable, expressive, and unique, just like the people who wear it. This gear is for basketball fans who want to rep their teams and all their hard work as well as articulate their pride in the game they Luv.

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We are Here to Promote you! is a Multimedia Showcase Platform for Youth & HS Basketball in our area! Being a premier entertainment hub for all things basketball via the sharing of pictures, videos, and stories related to basketball; allows us the platform to highlight, showcase and bring awareness of the kids in our communities participating in youth basketball from grassroots levels on up to high school – with the ultimate goal of aiding to procure scholarships and opportunities for our kids to attend college.

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We’re Making Constant Updates…

In our efforts continue to provide the optimal service to our viewers

the all new site is currently under construction,

stay tuned and thank you for your continued support-

Rodini Almonacy – Founder


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