Upper Room’s Andrés Marrero Loading Up on Offers!


The Upper Room Christian School Royals has had a great season this year and has been constantly elevating its play in the past few years under the new leadership of Coach Joan Sanchez as their new Athletic Director. He’s made some major recruitment moves from players to fostering new relationships with the local basketball movers. One of his accomplishments has been the hiring of Coach Andre Edwards the former assistant coach at NYIT to head his newly formed Post-Grad program. All while elevating his high school program to a national level behind the play of key players like the highly recruited Class of 2021 player Andrés Marrero. During the off-season Andrés plays for the Adidas sponsored NY Jayhawksand has done pretty well for himself. Andrés is currently sitting on 7 Division 1 offers and we’re sure that there’s a lot more to come from this battle-tested baller.

Check out some of the offers he’s already gotten and his 2019-20 season stats!

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