We were on hand at Baldwin this Bruins vs the Marauders of Bay Shore’s Matchup. This was a good one. So far all the critics have the Baldwin Bruins, the reigning class AA long Island Champs as repeating out of Nassau. Well so far Baldwin is undefeated and the are facing a very good team in the Bay Shore Marauders. The Marauders are coming off a win and are looking pretty hot in Suffolk. the are very well coached by their 2 year coach C.J. Leary and the letter of the day is “D”. D for defense. Because if The Marauders do anything right, that’s play really good defense. Int the first qtr of this game it was all Baldwin. The young bayshore team looked as if the were out of their league. The Bruins went right at them they got immediate contribution from Elijah Bovel , and some really exciting moves from the last games standout player Jabeon Bivens.  On the bayshore side it was all Jose Rivera. He is one of the scoring super twins from the south shore of western Suffolk. his brother Angel seemed to be struggling in the first half so he was relegated to the bench while bro did the heavy lifting. Every time Baldwin came with a run jose answered with an acrobatic layup or a momentum breaking steal or deflection which converted to a Bayshore point. Though they were with 3 points throughout the momentum heavily favored Baldwin. The lead was no more than 5 points for either team in the first half. Baldwin takes the lead by 1 point. the score is 28 Baldwin – 27 BayShore.

Then in the 2nd half here comes Angel the other Rivera twin. this is probably Badwin’s worst nightmare, both the Rivera’s clicking at once. Levon Montgomery Bayshore’s big man makes some major contributions in the3rd quarter. He single handedly dominates the boards and chips in some offensive points to take some scoring pressure off of the twins. Then we get some more help from the point guard, Kyrie Sawyer. He pitched in some timely 3 pointers and a few acrobatic field goals. This game was great from beginning to end. But in the end the Bruins were just too much for the Marauders. The Marauders were a pleasure to watch in that they played great team defense, they had o quit in them, and had it not been for the offensive onslaught of the the dynamic duo of Bovel and the game MVP Jabeon Bivens they just might’ve came in and stole that game from the home team Bruins. Compliments to Coach Leary & his Marauders for making this as entertaining as they did. He did a great job of getting his players prepared and this team that went pretty far in the playoffs last year only to lose to the Suffolk champs by 2 points is expected to do really well this year again and we are looking forward to seeing these guys again.

On the Bruins… they got contributions from their guards Rhyjon Blackwell and Derrick Ruffin as well as the

(From Left to right Baldwin’s Assistant Coach Jon , Elijah Bovel ’17, Jabeon Bivins ’17, & Head Coach Coach Darius Burton)

Bayshore’s Kyrie Sawyer directing traffic.

Levon Montgomery Bayshore’s Big Man #player2watch

(From left to right #3 Kyrie Sawyer, #4 jose Rivera, #5 Angel Rivera & Coach C.J. Leary)