The first Annual iLuvBBall Top 100 is 1 week away! Did you register?


iLuvBBall Top 100 Combine

Saturday Aug 18, 2018

For all these coaches out there talking about they’re in it for the kids, lets see of you put you money where your mouth is. This event holds the kids on your team accountable for themselves. It’ s measuring stick to find out where they stand against their peers and what they have to work on. Most importantly it gives each and every one of them exposure (or gets them EXPOSED). The event is taped and posted on the College coaches section of iLuvBBall for All Prep school and college coaches to see. Check out this video.

Only 32 Spots Per Group!!!

$100 Per Player – Registration


Girls Rising Soph, Jr’s, Seniors:

9am – 12:30pm

Boys Rising Freshmen & Sophomore’s:

1pm – 4:30pm

Boys Rising Junior’s & Seniors:

5pm – 8:30pm