Amityville’s Class of 2018 Jayson Robinson w/ the monster putback Dunk!



#iLuvBBallPlayer2Watch Jayson Robinson has been on a the scene for a minute now. But you all may already know NY is the land of the guards (Hell, everywhere is). So what are you going to do to stand out? Jason started his student-athlete  high school career at Long Island Lutheran (LuHi) for 2 years. He then transferred to Queens’ storied Basketball school Cardoza under the tutelage of the hall of Fame Coach Ron Necalrio, he then decided to come back home to finish his High school career at his home town Amityville high School with Coach Gordon Thomas (founder of the Alzheimer’s All-Star Basketball Classic).

Jason is a high IQ athletic point Guard. If I was to rate his jumpsuit from 1-10 I’d give him a 7-8 (depending on his shooting day). His strong point is his mid-range jumper.

He’s a regular at Jerry Powell’s Basketball Results so you know his ball handling ability is exceptional. He’s has more bounce than a rubber ball and is fast. He’s nicknamed Jason “the Jet” Robinson.

Check out the schools showing interest so far:

Molloy College, Brooklyn College, Hilbert College, Sage College, John Jay College, Hunter College, Wilson College, Mt.Saint Mary College, Spring Field College, East Stroudsburg University, Canterbury School, Proctor Academy

These are but some of the schools showing interest in Mr. Robinson, and I’m sure that after this clip a lot more will be calling. Check out a clip in his home opener where he gives a kid a helmet on a put-back dunk.


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