Brentwood Native Bryce Harris Recruitment is Racking up!!!


Harris left Brentwood at the Height of their success. I mean a lot of people asked if he was crazy! That young Brentwood team has experienced a lot of success in a short time as a young team under the leadership of the 2020 Coach of the year, Coach Anthony Jimenez.

The team was laden with predominantly sophomores, juniors and few seniors and they went all the way to the NYS finals in their 2nd year together. Bryce decided to leave for the Greensboro Day School to seek a more challenging path and hope to increase his college recruitment chances. When he left he already had multiple D1 offers. but since leaving he was able to procure at least 5 more offers and 23 more mid-to- high major Division 1 interest.

While down at Greensboro North Carolina Bryce showed that he was the real deal, by winning the title of All-Tournament Player in every tournament in the 2019-2020 season. Including two of the Top-Ranked national high school tournaments; the Chic-Fil-A   Classic SC, and the Bass Pro Tournament of Champions in Springfield, MO. To cap off his 2020 season, Bryce won the Piedmont Triad Athletic Conference Player of the Year!

Check out this Highlight video showing some of Bryce’s most shining moments of his 2019-20 season!

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