Brentwood Stud shows Out at Underclassmen All-American Game In GA.


Underclassmen All-American Game and Minicamp Takeaways

ATLANTA – Over the weekend, 2021 stud Jonathan Kuminga headlined the Underclassmen All-American Game. analysts Eric Bossi and Corey Evans were in town and between the two of them watched Saturday’s workout session and Sunday’s two games featuring some of the top prospects, regionally and nationally, from the classes of 2021 and 2022.

They put together some thoughts from the talented field of participants.

…. Just looking at sophomore guard Jordan Riley from New York,

you might guess that he’s a football standout, but he can hoop. The guard is quick, jumps out of the gym and has the body of a college player. Along with his ability to get off the floor in a hurry, he’s a confident jump shooter and one to monitor closely moving ahead.