Get out and Vote Today!!


I think you know by now who we’re rocking with!

But if you didn’t know, iLuvBBall is making its first political endorsement for Monica Martinez to be our NY State Senator for the 3rd Senatorial District.


Because as a Suffolk County Legislator, she has offered free summer programs for five consecutive years in Brentwood, Central Islip, and North Bay Shore. Moreover, Monica has funded numerous anti-gang/anti-violence programs through local non-profit organizations which offer safe environments and mentorship programs to our youth. This includes the EOC summer basketball program open to all young children residing in the Ninth Legislative District. Monica attends their games and honors the teams and players with proclamations for their continued participation and success. She has also shown support towards Brentwood Basketball Developmental League and Alzheimer’s All-Star Basketball Classic. As a former educator, Monica supports programs permitting children to participate in a fun and engaging pastime while learning positive life skills. iLuvBBall recognizes her continued efforts in assisting the community and proudly announces its endorsement for Monica Martinez for NY State Senate.

What matters the most is that we exercise our God given rights and vote for the person that you believe in. That’s what makes this country beautiful. So get out and vote and be a great citizen and a better person.

God bless America.