In Honor of Shamoya Mckenzie


13 year old Shamoya Mckenzie was shot in the head by a stray bullet while heading home from basketball practice with her mother and two other family members. The incident happened in Mount Vernon, NY on December 31st, 2016 just hours before the New Year. Shamoya was a star basketball player who played on many tems including the Mount Vernon Junior Knights, the Mount Vernon Lady Elites, and the Mount Vernon High School JV Lady Knights. Her ultimate goal was to attend the University of Conneticut (UCONN) and then transition into the WNBA.

Her mother and the entire family are devasted by this tragic, brutal and senseless act of gun violence within their community.

Based on this unfortunate circumstance they would appreciate your support to help with these sudden expenses.

Thank you in advance and continue to pray for them as they mourn this tragic and senseless death of their angel.

iLuvBBall is doing their part to help spread the word and would appreciate if you could donate to their GoFundMe campaign if you can. Thanks.