Garden City, NY January 2019

Rising Stars recently received some exciting news that they have been selected as one of the few programs in the country to participate in Under Armour’s new tournament circuit.  Boys in grades 4th-8th will compete in the UA Future Circuit while our High School Boys and Girls will hit the hardwood on the UA RISE Circuit.  Executive Director Dan Gimpel says “Being chosen as one of the select programs in the country and specifically New York says a lot about how strong Rising Stars is and continues to be. Our primary objective with UA Future and Rise is to provide more opportunities for our boys and girls to compete at the highest level and show they belong with the best of them.”


This new UA circuit will provide exposure and potential opportunities for our players to showcase their skills in front of college coaches during the spring and summer.  Gimpel adds, “Many parents and children think that in order to get better and play in college they have to be on a specific circuit.  This is false as we have been doing this for 20 years and have tons of kids who have played at every level.  This particular new opportunity with Under Armor will only make our program stronger while sticking to the values we believe in as an organization”.


Rising Stars New York will be the brand for UA Circuit representing the state of New York!


I had the pleasure of speaking to Danny to discuss the news about partnering with Under Armour and what it meant to the him and the Rising Stars organization.


iLuvBBall: What does it mean to you that Rising Stars is part of the UA circuit?

Danny: It provides an opportunity for all of our kids but specifically our high school boys and girls.

iLuvBBall: how does this partnership help the Rising Stars besides more recruitment opportunities?

Danny: There’s not much of a difference. If you know our history then you what we’ve been doing all along. We’re about helping the kids. Being part of the UA Circuit just adds another layer to what we’re already providing. It can help us provide opportunities for players at every level. From the instructional and now to the highest level of Elite basketball.

iLuvBBall: What makes the Rising Star different from these other sneaker programs?

Danny: I mean there’s a lot of hoopla about where kids should go and play. A lot of these programs are selling you pipe dreams and you don’t know who you’re getting in bed with. Our program puts education first and basketball second.

iLuvBBall: Thanks for giving us your time and good luck on your future endeavors with the Rising Stars program and your new venture with the Under Armour Rise Circuit.

Dan Gimpel brings both experience and a personal understanding to the executive helm of Rising Stars in 2007. A former Rising Star himself since grade school, Mr. Gimpel returned as program director of the organization in 1999. Dan was inducted into the hall of fame at Adelphi University in 2006, scoring over 1400 points and holds records in career assists and steals. In addition to his duties as Executive Director, Dan is recognized as one of the best coaches and trainers in youth sports.

Check out this video with some of the players that the Rising Stars program have helped get into college.



Upcoming try-outs for boys grades 4th-7th will be on January 27th and high school tryouts are on February 24th.  Come be part of the Rising Stars Difference!!