NYSPHSAA Sections Voting on NO SHOT Clock in Girls Bball!?

The proposal would be to adopt rules set by the National Federation of State High Schools that includes elimination of shot clock in girls basketball.

A vote on Thursday (May 2, 2019) could impact several high school sports in the state, especially girls basketball with the elimination of its shot clock.

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iLuvBBall in the Deep South – Team Madu girls Basketball Camp

Who is Ndidi Madu?
Ndidi Madu

‘Didi (pronounced DEE-DEE) is an American-born Nigerian basketball player for Broni and the Nigerian national team. She played for FIBA Africa championship for women in 2013, she averaged 9.3 points per game. During the 2014 FIBA Africa cup for women’s club fienal round, she averaged 10pts, 3.3RPG, 0.8APG. During the 2015 Afrobasket for women; final round she averaged 8.1pts, 9.5 RPG and 0.6 APG. In the 2015 FIBA champions cup for women, she averaged 9pts, 5.8RPG, 1.1APG. During the 2016 FIBA women’s Olympic qualifying tournament, she averaged 7pts, 6.5RPG, 1APG. At the 2017 Afrobasket for women she averaged 3.9pts, 3.9 RPG and 1.4 APG. She also averaged 7.2pts, 7RPG and 1.6 APG at the 2017 FIBA champions cup for women in which she played for interclube of Angola.

We are proud to announce that we are working with former University of Florida and Nigerian National team basketball player Ndidi Madu in promoting her basketball camp down in Nashville, Tennessee. We’d also like to  introduce the world to the “iLuvBBall Deep South Initiative“.

Our goal to grow the brand of iLuvBBall from state-state creating a national,  and one day global platform where we continue to provide our promotional and recruiting assistance services to those in need. This service is similar to what we do in the tristate area.

If you’re interested in starting a new chapter of iLuvBBall in your region and want to be part of this movement where you can change lives, email us at info@iluvbball.com.

In the meantime we would proudly like to introduce you to the Florida Gator Alumni and  Nigerian National Team baller Ndidi Madu in her 1 day basketball camp in Tennessee.

Check out Ndidi’s video and stay tuned for the Team Madu Girls Basketball Camp next month!

OH… and don’t forget to tell them where you heard about it.